Sabtu, 03 Maret 2012

Iklan-Ringkas: Online laptop chip level repair training

Judul Iklan*:Online laptop chip level repair training
Isi Iklan*:Basic Laptop Service Notes

SMD electronics Training
Basic Electronics with SMD components, Different types of chip detail, Digital Electronics with Number System in short,
Practice of removing & testing SMD components

Desktop motherboard repairing concept
Understand block diagram of motherboard, Different section of motherboard, Understand power section of motherboard,
Understand vrm power section vcccore, Removing and replacing basic components and sockets, Removing and replacing bga reball and replacement, Bios update

Laptop parts repairing

Adapter repairing, Battery repairing concept, LCD/LED concept, CCFL/LCD tube concept, Inverter repairing concept,
Ram types and volt, Hard disk basic concept, Dvd basic concept

Laptop motherboard Chip Level Repairing Training
Block diagram of laptop motherboard, Basic difference between laptop motherboard and desktop motherboard,
Power stage of laptop motherboard, Different section of laptop motherboard, Tracing different connectors and socket with pinouts detail. Motherboard main signals and power detail, Testing, Cleaning motherboard solution steps, BGA rework removing and reballing of BGA chip of motherboard

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